Mixing Secret Santa and Egg Nog = LOL

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What is Egg Nog? To some, it seems pretty strange, a seasonal concoction of eggs, sugar, heavy cream, Bourbon and nutmeg.

That sounds absolutely weird! People drink this stuff? Can’t we all just have a triple vodka and orange like sane and reasonable people? Oh no, of course not, because it’s Christmas, and we all have to consume Brussell Sprouts, marzipan and all manner of disgusting things that none of us would ever eat in June. Egg Nog it is!
So, here we are, in the office on the last day before everyone finally goes home, (or out to the shops for last minute panic buying of unwanted presents and vegetables,) and it’s Secret Santa time. Some nice people have knitted comedy mittens to give as presents; some horrible people have bought gifts so explicit and salacious that everyone’s stomach will turn at the site of them, a process not helped by the presence of the Egg Nog.

But at least everyone is slightly bladdered at lunchtime, so a few laughs will be had by all. Hopefully the Secret Santa presents will get mixed up so the recipients of the wildly inappropriate presents will be the people least likely to ever take the offending objects home, and they will still be in the office on the third of January when everyone’s feeling even more exhausted and could do with a fond reminiscence. Stashing these items in office drawers to be chanced upon by unsuspecting colleagues at 9.15am when they are trying to be inconspicuously late is an opportunity for the early birds among us, especially if said items still have a trace of Egg Nog residue about them…
However your Christmas unfolds, we can but hope that the randomness of our Christmas traditions (church, anyone?) provide fun and laughter, and an opportunity to wind down from the hecticness of our day-to-day lives. Cheering up the gloomy days of mid-winter has been a necessary mission for all, right from the early days of Pagan winter solstice festivals, through Christian celebrations to the consumerist orgy of modern, capitalist routines. So relax, have fun, get a few kips on the sofa in, and don’t spend so much money that your New Year is blighted by appalling credit card bills! Merry Christmas everyone, ho, ho, ho…

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